Friday, October 15, 2010

friday wrap up

another week, done and gone. time is just flying by!!

this week i...

fell in LOVE with these pallet beds

was amazed at what Pastor Mark Driscoll has accomplished in 40 years of life

finished this fall project:
finally registered for baby stuff

discovered that there is an international nautical alphabet and decided that i would really like to have baby isaac's name in these to hang on his wall

read some really good advice on how to decide what to blog about

updated my flickr account.. more to come

made my own reusable swiffer mop covers:
considered very seriously about signing up for this online workshop

listened to this song like a hundred times

was inspired by this post to have a more efficient household.. who knows when it would actually happen :)

I hope that your week went by as fast as mine did. Have any fun plans for the weekend? I'm taking an infant/child CPR class :)
Happy Friday!

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