Monday, October 25, 2010

new sewing projects

So apparently I'm not just a baby-maker, I'm a baby-stuff-maker too! Remember these cute baby shoes made from recycled jeans I wanted to make? Well, I finally got around to it:
And then I made some in green:
And then I found these cute reversible bibs online and decided to make one of my own (I just need to add some velcro):

For the bib I used brown bias tape, some fabric that I got at a clothing exchange, and an old worn out washcloth from my linen closet. Technically it only costed me the price of the bias tape, which I already had, and the cost of the velcro.

... And on Friday I found a Nojo Baby Sling at a garage sale. To test it out, I decided to torture my cat and put him inside. I discovered that not only does the sling work, but apparently it can hold 18 pounds!


  1. My Maya sling still hold conrad and he's a beast. those slings are the best! Love the bib you made and the shoes. you're so crafty!

  2. That cat in the sling picture is hysterical. And you are way brave. I think if I put my fat cat in a sling, I'd get a swipe across the face...

    Apparently I need to take some sewing lessons from YOU!