Saturday, October 30, 2010

saturday wrap up

Because I was out shopping, antique-ing and gallivanting around pumpkin farms yesterday (Friday) with my wonderful mother, I did not get a friday wrap-up post posted. So instead, here is a saturday wrap-up. Same thing, different day. Enjoy!

this week i...

*participated in fall fashion week and had a blast (it's still going on, so check out all the other looks here)

*made some really cute baby stuff

*signed up for this fancy new panera reward card thing so now I get free items every so often

*was blown away by Shawn Carney's talk at the Pregnancy Resource Center's Fundraising Banquet on Thursday

*thought this owl costume was super adorable!

*took some fun photos at a pumpkin farm:

*fell back in love with calla lillies

*decided that I'm going to make one of these in Christmas colors

*and since this weekend is Halloween, I couldn't resist.. here is my favorite Steven Crowder video (hilarious!)

Have a wonderful Halloween Weekend!

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