Friday, December 10, 2010

the story of us: part 5

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part 5: here we go again!

We had one pretty miserable year in Vegas.. I won't bore you with the details. It consisted mostly of me going to school full time and working very early 4am shifts at Vons while Ben was bouncing between jobs trying to find one that suited him. Oh and really, really hot, hot weather. I don't really even have pictures to share from that year because we were just so busy working and going to school.

{most of our things were packed in the garage for the entire year}

I do have to mention, though, that Ben was accepted into the police academy for Las Vegas Metro. He was in for a month or so and decided it just wasn't going to work for him. He would much rather re-enlist in the Marine Corps and do what he really truly loved (What can I say? I married a Marine). There is actually a huge difference between the police force and the military (although a lot of people think the 2 are similar). My husband figured this out pretty quickly.

So, the day came. We went to the recruiting office. He signed the paperwork, and just like that, he was a Marine again. We had orders to head back to Camp Pendleton, CA and within just a couple months we would be headed back to sunny San Diego!

I cannot even begin to explain the huge weight that was lifted from my shoulders almost the moment he signed his contract with the Marine Corps. It felt like the whole year we had been searching, trying to figure out what exactly God wanted us to do in Vegas. While all along He just wanted us to head back to San Diego. It was as if He had been standing right behind us the whole time, almost tapping on our shoulders, waiting for us to turn around and see Him. He had the plan the whole time, we were just too busy trying to figure it out on our own to turn to Him.

{moving day!!}

We arrived June 1, 2007 to our new home in Oceanside. I found us a quaint 2 bedroom apartment just 6 blocks from the beach. We settled in easily and quickly because we already knew the area from living here before. It felt so good to be back, like we were supposed to have been in Oceanside the whole time.

Ben returned to work and I noticed an immediate change in him. He was happy, rested, looked forward to work, and made friends quickly. I got plugged back into church, this time as a high school small group leader. I also started volunteering as a counselor at the local Pregnancy Resource Center.

And we had a lot more time together. We started going on date nights every Friday night and usually to the movies every weekend. We purchased an xbox, which meant long nights of trading the controller back and forth to play Call of Duty (those are still my favorite nights).

And so all was well again in our lives, until we decided to start a family...

Check back soon for part 6 :)


  1. Thank you for sharing! It's nice to hear about the life of another Marine Corps couple. I know firsthand how difficult the transition from military to civilian can be. After eight years active, my husband got out of the Marine Corps just ten days before we got married and it definitely made for an interesting first year.

    We tossed around the idea of returning to active duty for a while. Truth is, we both missed the Marine Corps. We have since found a comfortable median through the Marine Corps Reserves. It's not the same as when he was active, but he is happy to be a Marine again. Who knows what the future holds for us though?! :-)

  2. Hi Jennifer! It seems like alot of the USMC couples we talk to have similar stories about wanting to get out, but not wanting to get out. My husband is surrounded at work by guys who got out only to reenlist within the year. We've actually recently decided to get out again (this time for certain). I wrote about it a couple months ago here. My husband has considered the reserves this time when he gets out, but I think he's set on leaving for good.

    Thanks for being a reader and for the comment! And good luck to you guys!

  3. Jessi, thanks for sharing your story. It is awesome to hear how G-d is working in your life.

    I pray that you have a healthy baby boy and look forward to seeing pictures of that blessing.

    Thank you for all you do in the fight for life. You are an inspiration and a blessing. May G-d bless you abundantly for all your obedience to His call.


  4. "He had the plan the whole time, we were just too busy trying to figure it out on our own to turn to Him." This sentence resonates so deeply with me!!
    I'm loving reading your story. Thank you for taking the time to share it.