Monday, November 29, 2010

weekend in photos: thanksgiving edition

Our family Thanksgiving tradition is a little out of the ordinary. Or as my husband calls it, "Weird!"

Oh well. We've been doing it since I was 7 years old and I can't imagine spending Thanksgiving anywhere else, anyway else except:

Camping at the beach!

This year was so fun and very cold. Brrrr. But that just meant there was more snuggle time at bed time.

Dinner was amazing (as usual). Deep fried turkey, stuffing done 2 ways in a dutch oven, homemade cranberry sauce, the most amazing gravy (also prepared in a dutch oven), mashed potatoes, ham and of course: lots and lots of pie!!

Here are some photos from the weekend at Doheney State Beach, CA (Dana Point). Most of them are from my brother's camera. His is waaaaay better than mine:


How was your Thanksgiving weekend??


  1. What a fun - and a little weird - holiday tradition!! I'm so impressed with your delicious sounding meal that you prepare while CAMPING. You guys are hard core! Impressive.

    Happy belated turkey day!

  2. What a neat tradition! How did you ever come up with it?

    And that turkey is weiiiiird looking. But I'm sure it tasted awesome.