Monday, January 3, 2011

before and after: baby dresser

I have absolutely no intention of turning this into a baby blog, but since most of the projects I have been working on lately are almost entirely baby related, here are some more pictures of recent projects my husband and I have been working on (wow, that was a long sentence).

First, we finally found a dresser to refurbish. My inspiration for the project came from this totally adorable dresser from Pottery Barn. And since the baby's room is decorated in a nautical theme, it was perfect.

My husband and I generally work as a team when it comes to furniture. He strips old paint and sands it down. I paint or help to stain it. In this case we stripped it, sanded it, primered it, painted and stenciled. It was quite a project!

Here are some pictures of our adventure:


{my husband hard at work stripping and sanding}

{completely stripped}

{me, painting}


And because I can't just show you the dresser (that would just be mean!), here are some pictures of baby Isaac's room:

It's almost complete. I still have a ton of laundry to wash and put away and we need to assemble the mobile (which is quite confusing!) But all in all, it's almost finished! We still can't believe we have a "baby room". We feel so grown up. And that means soon we'll have a baby!


  1. That super cute! You guys did a great job! I love the nautical theme...

  2. Precious! I love the theme and you two did a fabulous job on the dresser!

  3. great job mama! ben looks so intense sanding that dresser! the room looks great!

  4. And I see there's still a bed for grandma!!!

  5. Jessi, Isaac's room looks super cute! You and Ben did such a great job! And, I love how the dresser turned out too!

  6. Aaahh! It's all coming together so well. Super work on that dresser and I love the pictures above it!!

    Now, I just want to see that baby!