Friday, January 7, 2011

my new car

For a few years my husband and I have shared this awesome vehicle:

Ok, well I never really thought it was that awesome, but it has done us well. It's been reliable and it's been paid off for a while so you can't really beat that. The only thing about it now is that Jeep Wranglers are not exactly "baby friendly". I mean, we could put the car seat in the back seat and then fit, well, almost nothing else. I'd have to strap his stroller to the roof! And a trip to the grocery store? No way.

We've been discussing the need to get a new car for a while now. The other day we decided to just go down and shop around the different dealers; check out prices and maybe test drive a few cars.

Well, we ended up walking away (or should I say driving away?) in a new car:

It's not brand new, but it might as well be! It's certainly the newest car we've ever owned. We were so excited because it has remoteless key entry! And automatic windows... 2 things we've never had in cars before. It automatically locks when I reach 15 mph AND the music stays on until I open the door. What!?!? It's pretty cool. Oh and my favorite part has to be a tie between the AC adaptor in the middle console (for a flat iron perhaps? :) OR the water bottle rack inside the glove compartment!

But, the fact that it's new and has all those awesome features doesn't beat the best part: we paid cash, outright! I have never written a check for that much in my life, but the relief of never having to pay a car payment on it is sooooo worth it! When we paid off the Jeep in 2007, we decided then and there that we would always pay cash for vehicles. And it's an amazing thing.

Anyways, that means we now have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler for sale. If you know anyone in Southern California that might be interested, let me know!


  1. Nice car! It's a great feeling to own something new or somewhat new. :0)

  2. Nice car! That is so awesome that you two were able to pay cash for it!

    So not only are we both USMC wives, but also have the Jeep thing in common. My husband and I were in the market for a new car early last year, but we knew we were going to be expanding our family soon and wanted to get something a little bigger. We actually ended up with a 4-door Rubicon! It combined our love for Jeeps with our need for extra space. :-)