Friday, February 4, 2011

we're learning

friday wrap-ups will return next week.. until then, i'm just enjoying time with the new addition to our little family
While I might be new to being a mom and my husband is new to being a dad, Isaac is also new to being a baby. So, we're all kind of figuring this thing out together! It's been part exhausting, part wonderful, part challenging, part surprising and part absolutely the best experience.

Some things we've learned about Isaac in his first 11 days with us are:

*he apparently likes Mumford and Sons (played very loudly and while his dad sings along)

*he likes food more than he likes sleep

*he does not like walks at 11:30 at night

*he does like car rides

*he is the most adorable little person in the whole wide world


  1. Mumford and Sons! Your son has an excellent taste in music! :D

  2. Have a wonderful time figuring it out together. Isaac is adorable.

  3. "Isaac is also new to being a baby" that is so, so true.

    I'm excited for you guys and am looking forward to continuing to see him grow and be adorable.