Thursday, April 28, 2011

to save some money

Now that we are officially out of the military and Ben is working in the civilian world and going back to school, we have to be very good about budgeting and spending less money. We were so used to having a nice sized paycheck twice a month and had come to live very comfortably (like 6 blocks from the beach, eating out multiple times a week comfortably). Maybe we need to rethink this moving to Texas on our own thing??

Anyways, I've been slowly easing into the coupon thing (some of those ladies are a little nuts, right??). This week I went to Target determined to save more with coupons than I spent. And I did it!

Here are some of my purchases and savings with coupons:

ALL laundry detergent
Marked down to $7.99 - $7 coupon (thanks mom!) = $0.99

Huggies Little Swimmers
Marked down to $9.99 - $1.50 coupon - $2 coupon = $6.49 + FREE sunblock

(2) Reach Floss
$0.97 each - $1 coupon = FREE

Aquafresh kids toothbrush
Marked down to $1.66 - $1 coupon = $0.66

Nivea Body Wash
Marked down to $3.04 - $3 coupon = $0.04

Total spent: $17.50 + tax
Total saved: $27.28


Have you gotten any awesome deals lately??


  1. where do you get your coupons from? a $7 coupon is almost unheard of!

  2. My mom sent it to me. It was an online coupon that she got from someone at work. I know, I never find them for that much!! And I'm a little bummed because there was another $1.00 one this week, if I had waited I could have stacked them and got it for free!!