Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a trip to goodwill

As I think I mentioned last week, Goodwill had a 50% off day for earth day. We took full advantage of that! I pulled into the parking lot and I have never seen so many cars there on a Wednesday afternoon. I almost couldn't find a spot!

My shopping buddy for the afternoon:

Here is what we found:

2 dress shirts for my husband
3 tops for me
1 dress
2 pairs of pants for me
3 onsies
1 jumper with hood
1 photo album

2 Carter's onsies and 1 Gerber onsie

a few of our awesome steals include:
blue sweater- Gap
blue/white striped top- Cato
blue dress shirt- Express
(we must really like blue?!)

Total spent: $24.32


  1. Dang, girl!! nicely done. You are a profesh.

    A Foreign Land

  2. thrift store shopping is SO much harder with a toddler.... i remember the days when I could just go as I pleased and shop-and he'd happily lay in a stroller.... Not so much anymore! I have to quickly breeze through and hope he stays content for a few.

    Great finds!

  3. Awesome buys. We never have 50% off days that I know of -- must research that. I love thrifting and I'm proud of it. Hope to see more from you.