Monday, May 9, 2011

a day at the zoo

For Mother's Day my husband took me and the little guy to the Fort Worth Zoo. Can I just say (and please don't hate me): it was so much better than the San Diego Zoo??

1. It was waaaaaaay cheaper
2. There were no crazy hills to climb
3. It was smaller and less crowded
4. We were done in just a few hours (which was good for the little tyke)
5. It's just one big loop so we didn't have to go back and forth to hit every exhibit!

Isaac has a purple rhino toy, but this was the real thing!!

Checking out the monkeys.

The lady lion.. who, when a zoo keeper walked by, followed her with her eyes. I think she was hungry.

In the crocodile exhibit!

Too much excitement!!

In other news: someone was able to get his legs up underneath his tummy and lift his torsoe this weekend. Ahh!! He's growing too fast.

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