Thursday, May 12, 2011

inside my closet

This is what my closet looked like for about the first month in this apartment:

Scary right??
I know, my husband was on me about it for that whole month.

So one day I finally got the motivation to organize it and this is what it looks like now:

top left: (in order from left to right) nursing shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, 3/4 length, long sleeved, cardigans, sweaters, formal gowns
bottom left: pants (no particular order)
right: long shirts, dresses, coats

plastic storage with drawers: undergarments, socks, swimsuits, tights
piled on top: old shirts, lounge-wear, workout clothes, leggings

top shelf: box full of purses and bags, dufflebag, suitcase

top shelf: boots, quilts, maternity clothes

floor: shoes in no particular order

hooks: scarves, robes, belts, bag filled with hats and beanies

And while it may look organized now, I assure you that it won't last more than a week.


  1. I have that same Roxy suitcase!!!! Funny!

  2. I know that disorganization can be overwhelming sometimes, but you handled it like a pro & your closet looks great!!!