Tuesday, May 3, 2011

thoughts on cloth diapering

At first I wanted to cloth diaper because of the money it would save us. I am all for budgeting, saving and frugality. In fact, my middle name is frugality (okay, that part is not true).

I took a class on cloth diapering, registered for all the essentials, did all the research, but honestly I was still not sure how it all worked. In fact, I was a little overwhelmed. I mean, there are so many types of diapers and so many systems to use.

I kept putting it off. Mostly because Isaac just seemed too small for those big cloth diapers! and because I had received SO many disposable diapers as shower gifts.

But then the time came.. when we ran out of disposable diapers. I knew it was coming and I figured there would be no better reason to actually start using the cloth diapers.

And it's so much easier than I thought it would be! Cloth diapering is definitely one of those things that you have to just jump into. You're not going to get it or know what works best for you until you just do it. And now that I'm semi-pro, I totally understand all of that confusing information I got from that class and from my research.

Now I know what works best for us.

We now cloth diaper part-time. We do it while we're home, which is actually most of the time. So far it's definitely a money saver. And, they are more absorbent than disposables so they are actually less messy (I know right? I never would have guessed that).

I'm sold on cloth diapering, at least until he starts eating solids...

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