Friday, June 10, 2011

friday wrap-up: around here

Here is what's going on around here:

*babies wear big giant t-shirts:


*working on an etsy store (to be opened some time this century):


*finishing these curtains made from thrifted and our formerly used sheets:

I'm in love with these curtains!! They were so easy and they're nice and dark to block out the afternoon heat in our bedroom. I will post the finished product next week. (I also have to mention that they will match the queen sized patchwork quilt I'm working on for our bed).

*listening to the civil wars, my new love

*inspired by Rachel's blog party over at smile and wave

*reading A Wrinkle in Time. I never read it in school but always heard good things about it. Picked it up recently thrifting for like $0.50. What a deal, right??

*just the general silliness

DSCN1947 - Copy

*and we're still sleep training. Oh yeah, guess who slept through the night last night? (besides this happy mama :)

We're hoping to hit some garage sales and/or estate sales in the morning. If I had thought about it we would have done it today considering I woke up early, but oh well! That's what tomorrows are for.

What are your plans for the weekend? Hope it's a great one!

side note: what do you think of the new blog layout? there's still a few more changes to come.

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  1. The blog looks great!
    I LOVED a wrinkle in time... My mom used to read it to us while we ate dinner. Let me know how you like it!