Monday, June 27, 2011

on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is hands down one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life. Before Isaac was born, I was adamant about nursing him because I knew about all of the benefits. What I didn't know is how incredibly hard it would be. And I think that is why it has been so rewarding.

isaac eating
[feet hanging out from behind the nursing cover]

Birth was hard. It took a lot of work over a short period of time and the reward was absolutely incredible. Breastfeeing was hard. It took a lot of work over a long period of time and the reward is amazing. And I think that's why it has been so rewarding. It was something that I had to work at, and to not give up on even though there were so many times that I wanted to.

[first day of nursing]

But I'm so glad that I didn't. When I was in those first 2 or 3 weeks, I thought it would never get better. I thought I would never figure it out and that Isaac would never learn to latch correctly. I thought it would always hurt. I thought he would eat every hour forever. But I persisted, knowing that it was in the best interest of my child (isn't it amazing what we'll do for our kids that we wouldn't even do for ourselves?).

But then one day it just clicked. It all worked out. My persistence paid off. I knew what I was doing. Isaac knew what he was doing. And we were even nursing in public without issue.

[feeding in the car between garage sales]

[just finished his meal own meal at Colter's BBQ]

And the reward: my baby boy is healthy and beautiful. He grows like a weed. We are in awe at his development every single day. And all of that is because he's sustained through nursing. Wow.

It's so amazing to my how the human body (particularly the female body) works. It's like God knew what He was doing!! And I couldn't be more thankful.

[Isaac's "eating toe"]

So to all the moms out there: If you can breastfeed, do it. I know there are circumstances in which it just isn't possible. But if anything, nurse for as much time as you can (even if it is only a few weeks)! And when it gets hard, push through. Call a friend whose done it. Call a lactation consultant. Call me! I promise, it gets so much better and it's so worth it.

Here are some awesome resources:
best for babes website
The Nursing Mother's Companion
Dr. Sears
and don't forget to take a breastfeeding class!


  1. I was so excited and prepared to breast feed Adelyn. She was eager but never latched on (even with the nurse's and consultant's help). After trying a nipple shield (which depleted my milk supply) and finding out she was tongue-tied, I was NOT ready to give up. So I began to pump. I still tried to breast feed but sadly in the end, she never latched on. I have continued pumping though, now for over 3 months. Talk about exhausting! Pumping and feeding pretty much took up my whole day at first. Now it's easier, but this is definitely a labor of love! I'm so happy I'm doing it though, because I know she is getting what she needs! Yay for breastfeeding (and pumping) Mommas!

  2. Amen, sista! :0) Breastfeeding is miraculous. And yes, it is hard. It doesn't necessarily happen takes work. But it is so worth it. Praise God that he made us capable of feeding our children the perfect food they need to thrive.