Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the boy is from California

It's funny how living in a new place can make you realize how much you miss the old place.. one that you swore you hated while you lived there, but now know you truly love and miss.

random 019

I'm not talking about me. I have always loved California. I've lived there 4 separate times and would move back in a heartbeat (and by California, I mean San Diego.. not LA or SF.. you guys are just nuts up there! :)

dc and airshow 013
[sunset view from our old apartment]
everything 009
[La Jolla]

I'm talking about my husband. He's a desert rat at heart; born and raised in Nevada. He never knew any different until he joined the military. And he hates the beach (I know right?? How did I marry someone who hates the beach??)

everything 020
[Del Mar Fair]
random 030

But guess what? Now that we live in Texas, he's singing California's praises. In fact, the words "So Cal for life" came out of his mouth yesterday. Whaaa?!?

And I am so proud to say that our little tyke was born in Cali.. Encinitas to be exact. So it's no surprise that he loves his avocado!:


One day I'd love to move back.. at least to the West Coast. Until then, we'll be dealing with this...

[yes, I really saw this house while we were househunting...]


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaay for Cali! I'd prefer not to live in this state, but it'd be nicer if you were here! I say skip town (with your family, of course) and head out west to Cali! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. I remember all the times we moved and oh how I missed where we moved from. But I got over it and our house soon became a home. I'm praying for ya'll.

  3. Haha - that is a serious garage door.

    Great blog!

  4. I loved Cali the whole time I moved up and down it's beautiful coast so I KNEW I'd miss it when I moved to upstate NY but man, oh man. I didn't realize JUST how amazing it was until then. I'm glad I'm back. I hope you get to move back too.

  5. LOL. I can not stop laughing! Im from California too and when I visited Texas it seemed every single house has a star on it! Those people are silly :)

  6. Funny randomly coming by this post. I'm from Texas(and yes I'm way too proud of it, its something only a Texan understands) but because my husband is a Marine we live in NY. So I understand complementary when you say Living in a new place can make you miss the old place. We've been to Cali and I love it.

  7. The last photo cracks me up!! Those Texans are crazy and proud!

    We are native Californians and we miss it so, so much!