Thursday, September 22, 2011

the 25cent kitty cat shirt

I found this shirt for a quarter at Thrift Town. I hesitated: "Will he ever wear this thing? It's kinda weird... but kinda awesome. And it's 25 cents! Ok, even if he only wears it once, it's worth it. I'm totally getting this thing."

Yes. That was the conversation I had in my head about this shirt. The kitty cat shirt.

shirt- thrifted, $0.25 at Thrift Town. pants- Kohl's, online clearance $2. hat- gift from mom, thrifted

I'm so glad I got it! It fits him so perfectly and it's pretty dang cute. But then again, he would make anything look cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. And it even has kitty cat hair on it. LOL

  2. Um, he WOULD make anything cute! Still though, a shirt for a quarter is a pretty amazing score. I still can't believe I ever paid full price for clothing.

  3. It IS cute! I love cat though so what do I know. :0)

  4. Yes to the grapes too! I always take about half a bag and get rid of all the nasty dead ones at the bottom! You are paying by the pound, people! That means custom sizing and selection! I might have to try this bulk meat-buying thing. It sounds so great and stress-free!

    p.s. cute new header!