Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the cuteness is unbearable

The kid now pulls himself up on everything. Yesterday I caught him standing over the toy bin in his room, bent over, digging around inside and pulling things out. And then today when I went in to get him up from his nap, he was standing in the crib. I can't believe how quickly his balance and strength developed. It amazes me everyday. As does his adorableness...


Yes, that is an ironing board "baby barricade". We haven't found a baby gate that fits in that spot for under $40 and I refuse to pay that much. So we just improvise... that is, until he starts to climb over it... which will probably be next week.


  1. Oh goodness, seems like you'll be shopping for twin beds here pretty soon. My son learned to stand and then it wasn't a few weeks before he was climbing out of his crib. Eek. Ha ha

  2. He's growing up before my eyes!!!!! Such cuteness.