Monday, September 12, 2011

how we turned an old desk into a coat/towel rack

this week I'm going to be linking up with parties everyday. this week I'm going to be a joiner. I'm expecting it to be lots of fun :)

My husband and I are dumpster divers. Plain and simple. We love a good, thrown out, worn down, trash-to-someone-else find. He enjoys refurbishing wood. I love repurpose everything. Together, we make a pretty good team. You can see some of our past work: old wooden chair, changing table, dresser/buffet table.

One day I spotted this old wooden desk next to the dumpster. Ben went over and got it. At first I had instant regret of even mentioning it. It smelled so bad! I don't know what the deal was. But as it sat on the back patio (and continued to stink), I was able to see the potential it had.

Instead of keeping it in one piece, however, we decided to tear it apart. We pulled out the drawers to use as planters and we ripped off panels of wood. One piece of wood I used to make a coat/towel rack to hang behind our bedroom door:


How I did it:

I purchased 4 adorable hooks from Anthrpologie. I never ever buy anything there because it's so expensive. I usually just get the catalogue in the mail and copy ideas. But for this, I needed cute hooks and Anthro obliged (plus they were on sale).


I lightly sanded down the top of the wood just to remove any splinters sticking up. I wanted to keep the color that was already on it because I loved the old, worn look.

Then I sprayed the entire thing with a few coats of shellac.


Next, Ben secured two "sawtooth hangers" to the back with which to hang the final piece on the wall.


Finally we screwed on each individual hook. And hung it on the wall:


We love it. It fits our personality and our home perfectly.

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  1. I love this! What an awesome idea:) I love finding things in the Anthro sale/clearance section!

  2. Oohhhh, I love this! We have been looking for a nice, vintagey coat rack for the living room. Can you make me one just like this? ;0)

  3. Adorable! I love Anthro... but I usually can only walk in and look around and come out empty handed! Love what you made :)

  4. cute, cute, cute!
    love the way you mixed the styles up and that you left the wood as is. it's gorgeous!!