Tuesday, September 27, 2011

so, I like to organize

Honestly, if I could be anything in the world (other then a mom), I would be a personal organizer. Wouldn't that be amazing??

I buy a lot of our food in the bulk section at Sprouts. I prefer it that way because it's usually cheaper and I can control how much of each item I purchase. Instead of keeping them in bags, I put them in containers:


I went to Dollar Tree (who follows me on Twitter, by the way) last week and bought the small plastic containers. They were 6 for $1. What a deal! Then I simply wrote the item on masking tape and stuck it on the corresponding container. The other plastic containers are ones that I've picked up along the way from garage sales or thrift shops. I love a good Tupperware find for cheap.

Here is my end goal:

Source: bhg.com via Meredith on Pinterest

There are few things that make me happier than: 1. a clean kitchen 2. an organized refrigerator and 3. an organized pantry.


  1. You are so on your way to that beautiful pantry!!!
    Impressive, indeed.

  2. My pantry is looking more like that, but it's on account of the massive amounts of sugar ants that enjoy invading anything they can get into. So, I have a question... what is millet?

  3. Good question! Millet is just a grain, like quinoa or barley. I think it's what people feed their chickens (like in Cinderella).

  4. that's some serious awesomeness.

    getting my little butt off my computer so i can go organize something. . .


  5. I remember how you use to organize the candy in the checkout lane at the grocery store when you were barely three years old. But I also remember how "unorganized" your bedroom was. Oh how I miss those days.

  6. I love quinoa! You're so organized :)

  7. I NEED to do this. Mine are just in bags and I tie them with a rubber band but this method is much easier and it looks better!