Friday, October 14, 2011

back from the west coast

For the past week, Isaac and I have been soaking up the sun in San Diego and Las Vegas. We enjoyed spending time with lots of family and friends. It was the quickest, jam-packed, exhausting, and wonderful, whirlwind trip. We flew to Vegas, drove to San Diego, drove back to Vegas and flew home to Texas. Total, it was an 8 day trip.

And let me tell you, flying with an 8 month old (by yourself) is exhausting.

Driving 5 hours across the desert with an 8 month old is exhausting.

But oh man, is my little dude a fantastic traveler! (Thank you Isaac for being so good).

Here is our trip in photos:


waiting for the airplane! // it's finally here! // landed in Vegas // heading to San Diego.. snack stop in Baker // pumpkin patch in Temecula // being silly for the camera // headed back through the desert to Vegas // view from the plane ride home (not the Grand Canyon, but near it) // home in Dallas

It's good to be home. It's even nicer to be home to cooler weather than we left.


  1. Jessi - so great!
    I love the one with the pumpkin most. Adorable.

  2. The snack stop photo is so tender and sweet. I love it!

  3. Next time come further north and we can meet!