Wednesday, October 5, 2011

inside our home: hallway gallery wall

I have always wanted to do a gallery wall. I just never had a place to put one!

Our new place has a hallway. Yay. So that's where I put it. These walls sit across from one another.

Wall 1:

All of these frames, save the long one on top, were thrifted. I just kept my eyes open for black frames every time I went shopping. The “B” was purchased at Michael’s and painted by me. I also painted the matting turquoise.


Wall 2:

Both frames on the left were thrifted. The largest frame was purchased at Michael’s before our wedding. It sat out during our reception for everyone to sign. The square frame was also purchased at Michael’s.


This frame was originally white. I spray painted it black and painted the matting. I measured it into 4 equal boxes and painted each one a separate color. This used to sit on a shelf in our living room. All the colors I used matched that room. Photos taken by Chelsea.


For this one, I painted the matting tan and wrote the bible verse on it. I love this photo. It was taken for Isaac’s one month birthday. So sweet.


This is obviously our wedding photo. We’ve had this one hanging in our home the longest. I still stop and read all the lovely notes from those who were there. It’s one of my favorite pieces in our house.

If you're thinking about putting up a gallery wall, here is some lovely inspiration.
Orange and black, bright colors, all on canvas, no frames, and the letter "B".


  1. aww i love all these photos! :) isn't it neat to have the wedding photo surrounded by all that love? we have the same thing and it is always such a source of encouragement :)

  2. I love your wall collage! I am so bad at wall collages and end up leaving ten thousand nail holes in the wall...hubs hates it so much! He finally built me a few shelves so I can rearrange pictures to my heart's content. I am bugging him to build me a few more. :0)

  3. I love wall collages! I recently just did a post about the one I did in my bedroom :) Yay for home decor!

    You looked beautiful on your wedding!

  4. perfect :) i love how the photos mix with both letters and text!

  5. You did a great job! It looks terrific, girly.