Tuesday, October 25, 2011

some friends

I would like to introduce you all to some of my lovely blog friends and swap sponsors. They are some pretty neat girlies. So please, check out their blogs and say "hello!"

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Hi! I'm Deanna and a 27 year old stay at home mom of two wild little boys. I like big earrings and even bigger sunglasses. And I collect gnomes. (I have 187.) While my days are filled with building tents and changing dirty diapers, my nights are busy with crafting, baking and blogging. I'm a vagabond at heart, and a daydreamer throughout my soul. If you have an appreciation for sarcasm and witty humor, be sure to stop by and say hello. Just try it. You'll like it.

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Hey ya’ll! I’m Caroline. I LOVE Jesus, am a full time student and work in the library. I am kinda strange, weird, and very awkward. But not awkward as in socially awkward, more like the fact that I can cause and do experience A LOT of awkward moments. ADDICTED TO COFFEE.

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Hai! I'm Alyse. I'm a college sophomore, I love Jesus, I have a book on Amazon, and I am completely random.

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I'm Susan and I blog at Ava Grace's Closet, a space inspired by my daughter and muse Ava Grace. I'm an avid fashionista and mama to 3 who is just trying to keep it all together. I share stories of our little family with a healthy dose of fashion inspiration and LOTS of pictures! Hope you'll stop by to visit.

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