Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a few more friends

Please allow me to introduce you to a few more of my lovely November sponsors:

My name is Kelli Diane. Dailypolkadots is my life in photos, things I like, people I love, things I am doing, and stuff I just feel like talking about : )

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I am Annelise from Bye Bye Beehive. I'm a vibrant, cheerful girl with a million and one things going on. I'm on a 365-day journey to achieve long, beautiful hair the natural way. That means absolutely NO hairspray, teasing, dyeing or frying. In addition, I am also raising money for local cancer patients through my big hair bereavement. Come check out some good hair days, some bad hair days, and all the awesome randomness of BBB.

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Hello lovely readers of Jessi. I'm Mrs.S blogging over at Everything Girly & Beyond. I like to write about anything and everything my little heart desires. That may vary from clothing, make-up, fashion, recipes, DIY projects and a little bit of the everyday girly life of me. I love to dress up, wear heels and simply be me. Thank you very much for having me!!

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Hi! My name is Melanie and I have a little blog over at Keeping Up With the Cantelmo's. I started blogging to keep my family updated on our daily adventures and soon I realized through blogging I am able to bless others. My desire is that you feel encouraged and blessed when you visit my blog. I try to be open and vulnerable about my life, my marriage, and being a mom. If you have time, pop by my blog and say hi!

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I'm currently taking sponsors/button swaps for the month of December. If you are interested, click here.
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