Thursday, November 10, 2011

what stirs your affections?

Our pastor asks the question a lot, "what stirs your affections for Christ?"

It's a good question.

I mean, just think about it. What things in your life draw your toward Jesus? What is it that you enjoy doing that brings you closer to Him? In what moments do you know you're in His presence?

You need to know the answer to those questions. We all have times where we feel distant from the Lord. We feel like He's left or no where around. But it's not that He's left because He doesn't. He can't. It's because we've left. We've drifted.

So how do we solve it? How to we get back to Him?:
By doing those things that stir your affections for Him.

James 4:8 says, "Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you."
How do you draw near to the Lord?

For me, it's study. Studying the word. Studying the Greek and the Hebrew. Studying the genealogies. Reading scripture and commentary. Learning. Discovering. Knowing. I love scripture.

Day 001 of 365 - The Beginning

Which is funny, because I was always a really good student. I wasn't a driven student. I didn't work nearly as hard as I could have. But good grades came easy for me. I can take notes once and remember the information well enough to get an 'A' without even studying for a test.

Now I understand that God wired me that way. Which is why, I love being a student of the Word. Which is why studying draws me closer to Jesus. In studying scripture, the Spirit reveals God's character, and shows me who Jesus is.

For my husband, it's spending time in the outdoors. He loves quiet moments in the rain, or on the lake. He enjoys God through God's creation. The Spirit reveals the Lord to my husband through the things He's made. The Creator's fingerprints are all over His creation.


So what about you? What stirs your affections for Christ? How will you draw near to Him next time He seems far?

Song. Dance. Writing. Art. Nature. ??

"The LORD is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you."
2 Chronicles 15:2



  1. Thank you for sharing this! Something I need to think about as I am in one of those places of feeling distant! Also I am VERY jealous of your skill to read and remember. I WISH! : )

  2. i need to think about this too. especially today, it has been a very rough, dry day for lots of this was really good for me to read tonight to spur on my need and desire to be stirred by Him right now, like I so badly need in this moment. Thanks for sharing - so good girl. :)

  3. Huh. I guess His warmth. His forgiving grace. Worship.... He is so lovely. Wow, I should go talk to the Lord right now! :D

  4. good ol' matty c! his "stirs the affections" talk in the Philippians video series is soooo good! you and i are of the same breed. i was always a good student too, but now my favorite thing to study is the WORD! love you, girl!

  5. Great post, Jess. :0) What stirs me up is serving people...even when it's something small like opening the door for an elderly woman. I just feel Jesus in those moments... That's definitely the main thing that draws me closer to Him.

  6. I need to be more intentional in my time spent in God's word. I can write and write about it, but I need to be diving in to that amazing book way more!! :) Thanks for this reminder to draw near to God!

  7. this is a really good question... for me it's when i'm doing anything creative. especially photography ,i literally feel Him taking the picture through me.

  8. precious blog....just came across it today...such a blessing to read