Thursday, December 1, 2011

looking back at November and on to December

Um, where did November go?

In case you're interested, here is a look back at my November goals and what I did and didn't accomplish.

And here are my favorite highlights from the month:

_MG_0666carrots from the gardenradished from the garden_MG_0738_MG_0876_MG_0845_MG_0763

Isaac discovered he really likes apples // vegetables picked from our garden // zoo // backyard photoshoot // helping daddy hang Christmas lights // walking // enjoying his new sippy cup

December goals:

1. Keep running! (a mile a day, at least 5 days a week)
2. Participate in advent daily in our home
3. Take 200 photos (and get them all developed)
4. Buy a 2012 calender/day planner
5. Make significant progress on the quilt for our bed (I can't say finish, because I know that won't happen)
6. Try 4 new recipes
7. Become members of our church
8. Read The Purpose of Christmas and finish To Kill a Mockingbird
9. Get all of my photos organized on the new external hard drive
10. Finish the James study I've been reading

What are your December goals?? (And can you believe it's December already?)


  1. Those are some great goals :) Ps. The picture with the Christmas lights is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. omg did you grow those carrots? they are huge and amazing looking!

  3. Great pictures, love all of these :) To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books ever, I cry every time...

  4. oh I love goals! ummm get Christmas shopping done...that is my only goal...I always wait until last minute :)

  5. What an adorable baby you have! And fresh garden veggies are the BEST!


  6. I totally agree... November fleeeew by.
    Goals for December? Get packing!

    Headed to check out your November progress now! Looks like you have some totally realistic and practical goals for this month. Nice.

  7. Awesome pictures sweet friend! :) Don't tell me you grew those?! :)

    Great goals! I am so bad about getting pics developed and organizing them!!

  8. Your garden is amazing!!!!! :)
    I love that picture with you and baby!!!! xoxo

  9. hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little Isaac is such a cutie!!!
    Love your about blurb :)

  10. Lovely photos. You reminded me that I need to pick up a new planner, as well...

  11. i have been keeping a list of my december goals too! well actually... my christmas break goals. i'm going to post them soon.

  12. oh me, oh my! this little dude is rocking my face off! i love a little tyke with fresh fruit and a smile.

  13. Absolutely adore the highlights, i think i might do that in a post?!
    And to have goals for the next year, why have i NEVER had goals?! LOL