Thursday, December 8, 2011

tis the season

Today I'm linking up with Gussy. The prompt is: "Tis the season to deck-the-halls with your favorite HOLIDAY DECOR."

We decorated our home last weekend. This is our first Christmas in our new place, so it was kind of fun finding new "homes" for all of the decor. In our old apartment, everything went in the same place every year. I definitely enjoyed being able to mix it up this year!


You have no idea how excited I was to decorate a mantle!! I spent hours on Pinterest getting ideas and getting inspired (note: I didn't end up using any Pinterest ideas.. just my own). And I love how it turned out!

Most of my decorations were purchased while shopping the day after Christmas. You think black Friday has good deals?? My mom and I go every year at about 6 am. All Christmas decor is usually 75% off or more, everywhere.

The red and blue Christmas bulbs in the vases were pulled out of the neighbor's trash (yes, trash picker here, and proud of it!)

The green Silent Night plaque was made and given to me by my sister-in-law last year for Christmas. Isn't she talented??

This is Isaac's first Christmas. That is me and him hanging his first ornament on his first Christmas tree. It's a pirate ornament that my mom gave me last year to give to him.

The Nativity scene is Isaac's "Little People" set. We have it set up on a shelf for him to pull up to and play with. If you push on the angel, it lights up and sings "Away in a Manger". He loves it.

What did you most enjoy about decorating this year??



  1. love this. although our manger scene often has a hello kitty and a thomas the train included. haha

  2. found your blog through Captivated by Grace. My birthday is April 25th too and I love fruit! Nice to "meet" you! :)
    Peace, Stephanie

  3. The mantle looks amazing! Way to go! I wish I had one..I have so many ideas! The picture of you and Isaac hanging his first ornament if my favorite! :)

  4. LOVE all your decor!!! Your house looks amazing!!!!

  5. great decor!

    What I enjoyed the most was putting up the tree.. I love the smell of pine

  6. I love the Little People Nativity Set! Yay for Issac's first Christmas! How exciting :)

  7. how cute is that little nativity scene!

  8. Isn't it the best when we get deals the day after christmas, I mean we can just by it all THEN! This was a sweet post I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures!! Babies first christmas , always a treasure, and you are starting to make his traditions now that will last forever!

  9. Our decorations are all purchased after Christmas, too. It's hard to pay full price when you know a sale is ahead! Gorgeous photos.

  10. i love buying christmas decorations right after christmas, then it's like opening presents the next year when you get them out to decorate! i love your blue and red ornaments together in the vase, beautiful! stopping by from gussy sews! merry christmas!