Monday, May 20, 2013

i believe in...

i believe in God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
i believe that we are saved by grace alone through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross
i believe in redemption
i believe that all life begins at conception
i believe that every single individual life is valuable beyond measure and deserves respect and protection
i believe in breastfeeding
i believe in breastfeeding in public
i believe in natural birth
i believe in trusting your body through the labor process
i believe in trusting God, the Creator of your body and your baby, through the labor process
i believe in eating real food
i believe in homemade meals around the table with family
i believe in meal planning
i believe in God's plan for every human being
i believe in encouraging people to pursue their God-given purpose
i believe that children truly are our greatest resource, so we need to stop killing them
i believe that children truly are our greatest resource, so we need to disciple them from birth
i believe women are created to nurture life
i believe that the best thing a woman can do is be a excellent wife and a wonderful mother, all for the glory of God
unless she is called to singlehood, then i believe that she should use her singlehood for the glory of God
i believe in stay-at-home-motherhood
i believe in stay-at-home-wifehood (i don't think that's a word, but i just made it one)
i believe in making up words
i believe in owning guns
i believe in exercising our liberties
i believe that at one point, God truly did bless this nation but we have screwed things up royally
i believe in parental rights
i believe in homeschooling
i believe in the freedom to make your own decisions
i believe in personal responsibility for those decisions
i believe in truth
i believe God


  1. I believe you are an amazing woman of God :)

    And a great mama & wife too!