Monday, June 17, 2013

at 20 weeks gestation, they feel pain

If you've had a baby, you've been there. 20 weeks. Half way through. Right about 6 months (how that makes sense still confuses me!)

But the fun thing about 20 weeks is that you get the big ultrasound that week, right? They do all the measurements, make sure baby is developing right on schedule. And if you've had the patience to wait, that's when you find out: boy or girl? It's definitely an exciting part of pregnancy.

But why is that? Because you get to see your baby! You're allowed a peak into your own womb to watch that little person growing inside of you. You are looking at a miniature human being.

And what do you see? Everything, right? Head, arms, legs, hands, feet, mouth, eyes, ears, genitals. And aren't they usually moving around? Maybe sucking a thumb, or even waving. It's so much fun.

But you know, other than all the things that have been developing up to this point: heart beating, mind dreaming, ability to swallow, digestive system working, kidneys making urine, uterus and fallopian tubes are formed (if she's a girl), sweat glands are developed, taste buds are present on the tongue, that baby can also feel pain. They are pain-capable.

In fact, at this point in pregnancy, if a doctor needed to do surgery on your baby in-utero, they would administer pain medication. Because they have found that when a baby is poked while in the womb, they recoil in pain and try to get away.

Now consider performing an abortion on that same baby at 20 weeks gestation (or later). That baby receives absolutely no pain medication. And yet he is torn, limb from limb, legs from torso and head from neck. Is that a little graphic? It's the truth. If you have a chance to read it, this is the testimony of a former late-term abortionist about how exactly the procedure is performed (no pictures or video, just his description).

And right now, in this country, a place where we pride ourselves on protecting and loving our children, this practice takes place every day. There are 300 abortion providers who will do abortions at or after 20 weeks and 140 abortion providers who will do them at 24 weeks (several of those are in my home town, Las Vegas) source.

But today, you have a chance to change things and to make a difference for these babies, for the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Tomorrow (June 17, 2013) the United States House of Representatives will be voting on HR36 - The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. In simplest terms, this bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks gestation based on the scientific fact that babies at this stage feel pain. They deserve our protection. 64% of Americans agree that late-term abortions should be done away with. I can't see how this isn't common sense.

Today, all you need to do is call your representative. Here is the directory. Politely ask their position on the bill and request that they vote YES on HR36. Your voice needs to be heard. I don't care if you live in a district represented by a Democrat or a Republican. The issue of life is a bi-partisan issue. It is a human issue. Tell them how they should vote. Tell them to protect these tiny, precious human beings.

These babies are depending on you.


  1. Friend, my heart is aching as I read this - thank you for making us aware and sharing these facts and horrible truths. I am sharing this blog post with my readers. And going to call now. xoxo love your heart

  2. Rats, mice, monkeys, dogs, cats, you name it. They all feel pain, yet we still do live brain surgery, overdose them on experimental drugs and clone them.

    I am not for or against abortions, it does not phase me. We're all just dead people who haven't died yet anyways.

  3. Abortion really is such a heart braking thing! Thank you for being bold and raising awareness about it.

  4. This is so heartbreaking isn't it? Abortion & speaking up for the innocent is a passion of mine and I will def be spreading the word! much love!

  5. I just called and shared your blog post as well! :)

  6. Thank you for having the courage to write this. I highly recommend the book, The Case for Life. Full of tools to engage others on the human issue. I have to admit, the comment above by sg57 left me a little speechless.