Monday, July 1, 2013

so, I went to Texas

Over the next week I'll be sharing a lot from my trip to Texas last week for the National Right to Life Convention. Thank you again to everyone who sponsored me. It was an incredible 3 days. I learned a lot. I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with all the information and ideas. I am ready to put what I learned and heard into action. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, I just wanted to share some pictures from the trip. Baby Eli went with me. Isaac stayed home with his dad and spent a night at grandma and grandpa's house.

We flew out on Wednesday night and home on Saturday night. Boy, was I exhausted at the end of it all. But boy, am I glad I went.

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*waiting at the airport to go to Texas
*finally at the hotel, after 5 hours of traveling, and getting lost on the way to the hotel
*our awesome rental car. i totally felt like a hamster
*arriving at the hotel. first day of the convention
*lots of news crews on site for Gov Perry's address
*President of NRLC, Carol Tobias, addressing the convention
*my official name badge
*Governor Rick Perry
*my side kick (who was in child care most of the day)
*Senator Ted Cruz
*me and Senator Ted Cruz
*my dinner date
*chillin' in the hotel room
*too happy for bedtime (look at those top teeth!)
*packed up and ready to go home
*last day of the convention
*hanging out at the airport, waiting for our delayed plane
*still waiting, someone fell asleep (but only until we boarded. then he was wide awake)
*a wonderful sight: our plane finally pulled into the gate and we headed home

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  1. I cant wait to hear more about what you learned, who spoke, etc. I am so proud of you!