Monday, July 8, 2013

the many ironies of abortion "rights"

There's this terrible notion that's been around for a while that abortion is a "women's rights" issue. That the two are inseparable. That if you are a feminist, than you must believe in abortion rights. That you can't have one without the other.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

And here's why: because abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.

But let me lay some ground work first before we get into that.

Some of you read my rant on Facebook last week about one of the pro-abort's signs at the protest in Texas. The sign read, "hoes before embryos." It truly makes me sick. That attitude, that mentality. But it is at the heart of the abortion argument. I'll just quote from my Facebook status here, instead of rewriting it:

I posted about this tasteless protest sign on twitter yesterday, but had to share here. To understand why pro-abortion advocates would say such a thing ("hoes before embryos"), you must first understand their mentality. You see, they believe that women are oppressed, not by men, but by their own bodies. That because a woman can get pregnant, she is less equal. This is especially the case when it comes to sexual behavior and sexual activity. A woman cannot be promiscuous like a man because she has the consequence of pregnancy. Therefore, in order to be equal to men, in order to be able to sleep around without consequence, she must have access (paid for by the government or her employer, of course) to abortificient birth control and abortion on demand, without restriction, without apology. Quite frankly, this mentality disgusts me. It degrades women, men, babies and the act of sex itself, which was given by God to be a gift to a man and his wife.

This argument, that women are not equal to men, unless they have access to contraception and abortion is blatantly false. And furthermore, it's offensive. To argue such a theory is to believe and advance the notion that women are naturally, by their very nature, unequal. That we are born unequal. And that simply is not true. Nor do I think feminists actually believe that. At least I hope they don't.

But, it also advances the idea that to bear children makes women inferior. That somehow, being a mother, a nurturer, being that who we, by our very nature, were designed to be, makes us unequal. What a bunch of, to quote good 'ole Joe, malarkey!

I recently began re-reading Why Prolife? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers by Randy Alcorn. If you are pro-life and are wondering how to better defend your position through science and logic as well as scripture and ethics, I highly recommend this quick read. If you are an abortion advocate, I also recommend this book as a very simple defense of our position. Either way, read it.

Now back to what I was saying. I'm currently reading the section about The Mother (newsflash: Once you become pregnant, you are a mother. You don't get to decide whether or not you'll become a mother. That decision was your's to make before you had sex. You now get to decide whether or not your child gets to live. And it's sad that we live in a world that allows a mother to make such a decision, without consequence, for her child). Alcorn mentions a quote from a former NARAL president that says, in part, "We have to remind people that abortion is the guarantor of a woman's... right to participate fully in the social and political life of society."

Excuse me? Abortion is what guarantees my right to participate in society fully? How can women everywhere not be outraged by that statement and that attitude? The truth is that God, you know, the Person who the Founders referenced in the Declaration of Independence as "our Creator", guarantees our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I don't need abortion, or even birth control for that matter, to guarantee my rights.

But of course, if by "participate in society fully" she is referring to sex without consequence, then I guess she's got an argument. But it's still not a very solid one.

Which brings me to my initial point of this post: abortion exploits women, it doesn't help them or empower them. Did you know that the most pro-abortion category in this country is single white males between the ages of 20 and 45? (statistics from Why Pro-Life?) Now isn't that interesting? It's not women. It's men, young men. Men who are the most likely to be sleeping around and wanting to not be tied down by the responsibility of a child.

 If you want to read it from a man's perspective, I don't know that I could word it any better than Matt. This piece is fantastic and right on. And while you're there, read his Open Letter to Wendy Davis. Amazing.

What abortion actually does, rather than empower women, is empower men. And it empowers them to be irresponsible. It empowers them to do what many feminists would like to be able to do: sleep around with no consequence. For a man, so long as abortion is legal, he can simply pay for a "procedure" to "take care" of his "problem." But instead of taking care of a problem, he is paying for the murder of his own child and subjecting his girlfriend, wife or one-night-stand to heartache and pain. That is the exploitation of women.

Abortion also aids in the cover-up of statutory rape and sexual abuse. Don't believe me? Here is undercover video of Planned Parenthoods in 5 different states who are willing to ignore sexual abuse and not report statutory rape of girls who are seeking abortions as a result of their abuse. That is the exploitation of women.

But if that weren't bad enough, little women in the womb are the target of abortion far more often than little boys. And not only around the world, but also right here in the United States. But let's start in Bombay where, out of 8000 amniocentesis tests that revealed a girl in the womb, all but one of those girls was aborted. One woman survived. And in America, when 99 mothers were informed the sex of their baby, 53 being male and 46 being female, only one boy was aborted while 29 girls were aborted (statistics from Why Pro-life?). That is the exploitation of women.

And yet, President Obama said he would not sign a law to ban sex-selection abortions. But wait, I thought he cared about women's rights? Doesn't he lead a political party who swears up and down that the Republicans are waging a "war on women"? All the while, a true war on women is taking place every day. A war on women in the womb. And these women have no defense; no words or ability to defend themselves.

But if he truly cared about women's rights, then he would care about the right to life. Because, the right to life is required in order to exercise all other rights. Without life, women have no rights at all! And if abortion truly was about women's rights, sex-selection abortion would be made illegal. Truly, all abortion would be illegal, not protected, heralded and encouraged. Early feminists and suffragists believed this and modern day feminists would do right to take heed.

"Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women." ~Alice Paul, author of the original Equal Rights Amendment (1923)

For more information about pro-life feminists, visit Feminists for Life

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