Thursday, August 22, 2013

i don't want to forget

this week you will be 31 months.  


i don't want to forget...

how much you have been interacting with your little brother the past few weeks. you will get down and crawl around and say, "hey Eli! follow me!" he squeals with delight and happily follows you anywhere in the house

that when I ask what song you want to sing at bedtime you say "Jesus, I lub you" which means Jesus Loves Me. sometimes you even called it "God I lub you" and it makes me so happy that you interchange Jesus and God. yes, little man, Jesus is God

that you always skip 2 when you count. although we've been working on it lately and you're getting better at remembering to add it in

how much of a comedian you are. we were praying the other night, thanking God for all that He has blessed us with and you were feeling my face. you pointed to my blemishes and said, "tank you fer mommy's boo-boos!" laughed, and then said very loudly, "I'm just kiddin'!!" I love that you understand what a joke is and how to be funny

how incredibly smart and quick you are. after your nap last week I asked you to go potty and you told me no, you didn't want to. I said, "just appease your mother." to which you replied, very quickly, "don't want to peeeease you" and pointed at me. That you heard me say mother and so quickly turned it around to understand you could say "you" to me just blew me away.

how much you love trains and trucks and any kind of construction equipment. you are all boy all the time.

that you put your underwear on all by yourself 2 days ago. they were on the right way and everything. i wasn't even in the same room to help you!

how in love you are with music and that you call any sound you hear "music." your daddy was splashing in the pool and instead of calling it noise you said, "daddy's makin' music!" you always ask us to turn the music on or up when we're in the car and every morning when you wake up you ask me to turn music on on the computer, or as you call it "da puter"

how much you talked on our drive home from San Diego last weekend. from the time we got in the car in Barstow for an ice cream break until we parked the car at home, you did not stop talking. and your conversations are just hilarious. i should have recorded the whole thing.

how tonight, after we read a book, sang our songs, said a prayer and I tucked you in and put Eli in his crib, I was walking to the door and I heard you say, "I lub you Eli. I lub you mommy."

2013-08-04 10.28.29IMG_5339IMG_5326

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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, you are a wonderful Mommy, Jessi, and a wonderful wife, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and a loved child of God! Love you, Mom-Torey