Wednesday, May 7, 2014

the extent they'll go to normalize abortion

A message for Obama.

Initially I had just planned to post my feelings about this on Facebook (which I did) but as I said there, there are about 28974938 rants I could go on after reading about the woman, Emily, who filmed her abortion. If you're unsure of what I'm talking about, you can read her article (from Cosmo magazine) here and there is a link to the video if you feel so inclined to watch. I honestly can't. I cannot bring myself to watch someone cheerfully and happily murder her own child, while filming it for all to see, under the guise of showing abortion in a positive light.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

There are several things I'd like to address and comment on. Full disclosure: I have not read a single article, blog post or response to this yet because I wanted to be able to write my thoughts first without distraction.

First of all, the entire article disgusted me. Her casual, unconcerned, nonchalant attitude. Her flippant, negligent and irresponsible behavior, that she so blatantly admits to with little to no apology, in sleeping around and not using birth control. Her unconcern for using abortion as a form of birth control. And of course, her complete disregard and disrespect for her very own child.

We sometimes argue within the pro-life community about whether or not women who choose abortion are victims themselves. That they are coerced or backed into a corner and feel they have no other choice. They choose abortion as a last resort because they are literally convinced that there is not a single other option in their situation. And yes, there are post-abortive women who would say that is exactly what happened to them.

This woman, she is not one of those.

This woman premeditated the murder of her own child. She happily chose abortion. And then she took the time to decide how she could "use it" to show other women that abortion could be a positive thing. A positive experience. Really?

There really are no words.

She even says in the article, "every time I watch the video, I love it. I love how positive it is."

Sorry, I need to go vomit again.

You love it? You love watching yourself murder your own child? That's a positive thing? That is the most sick, twisted and sadistic thing that I think I've read in a really long time. Or ever. I mean,  you were a mother. You were entrusted with the life of an individual, separate, innocent, fragile, dependent human being. You were responsible for that tiny little person's whole being, his/her whole life and you snuffed it out. And for what? The sake of entertainment? So you could encourage other women to do the same thing to their children? That is the most negative thing I can possibly think of. No, it's not just negative, it's down right evil.

You know what else is the opposite of good and positive? The recent attempt from abortion advocates to equate abortion to birth, that somehow the two are similar in experience and validity. Honestly, I think a concept like that is so absurd that it doesn't deserve a response because, I mean, logic. But apparently we aren't dealing with logic here, so I will respond.

Emily says in what I find to be the most disturbing paragraph of her article,

"I was focused on staying positive and feeling the love from everyone in the room. I am so lucky that I knew everyone involved, and I was so supported. I remember breathing and humming through it like I was giving birth. I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I'd grab."

Wait a minute. Let me see if I can get this straight. If there was a fire in your apartment, you'd save a printed photo of your baby from being destroyed? A printed photo? An inanimate object that intrinsically carries absolutely no value whatsoever. And yet, you so quickly, with what seemed like absolutely no thought or concern at all, destroyed the very baby who is in the photo?

Am I in some alternate universe here? Is this for real? My heart is broken for you Emily.

And oh, there are so many other insane statements in that paragraph above, it makes my head spin. But let's focus on the part where she attempts to equate her abortion experience with birth, like that is even possible. In case you're questioning if it is, I assure you, it's not. Abortion and the birth of a baby are diametrically opposed to one another. The ending of a child's life through abortion is the exact opposite of bringing a new life in to the world through birth.

She mentions earlier in the article that there are now abortion doulas. Again, how disgusting. Birth is a natural, God-designed, amazing, and beautiful experience and event. A woman was designed to carry, nurture, grow and sustain life. After 9 months she, through something that is so unique and so incredible, and through something that happens naturally as a part of an amazing plan, brings that life into the world. From there she continues to carry, nurture, grow and sustain the life of her child for years. That's the design. And it's beautiful.

A doula's job is to support that natural process, that birth, that process of bringing life into the world. It angers me that there are people who call themselves doulas and use that title to do something so very opposite. Abortion completely denies, rejects and even sacrifices the very natural design of women. And a so-called abortion doula, instead of supporting what it means to be a woman, promotes, supports and encourages a woman to deny her very nature and end the life of her own child.

But let's get back to Emily. At one point she mentions a woman who came to her as the result of her video, but not because she had also experienced an abortion. She writes, "Another woman told me she'd had a miscarriage and that because of my video she felt like she could talk to me about it."

Let's make one thing absolutely clear: miscarriage and abortion are not alike. And the fact that this woman approaches her abortion so light-heartedly should be downright offensive to those of us who have experienced a miscarriage.

You see, when I saw the two lines of my pregnancy test, I was elated. It's one of the most incredible feelings you'll ever experience, when you've been so desperately wanting a baby and you are given confirmation that yes, you are with child. But during the weeks that followed, I started to notice signs that told me something just wasn't right. And I started to worry I was losing my baby. I went in for an ultrasound so my doctor could check to see what was going on. And I have to tell ya, the moment your doctor says, "there's no heartbeat," that is the very worst feeling in the whole world.

Don't try and tell me that somehow you ending your own child's life and me losing the life of a child that I so desperately wanted is anything remotely alike. It's nothing alike. It can never be alike. The only similarity in all of this is that now, we're both mothers, whether we planned it or not. Whether those babies are alive or not. And my prayer for you Emily, right now, is that you'll acknowledge that in your heart. That your eyes would be opened to the truth that you were given the gift of life and that you chose to end it. You carried a child in your womb and you ended her life. That was your choice and there will be consequences for it.

But you know what else is true? Jesus forgives. And He is holding your baby in His arms right now. And He wants you to turn from your sin, toward Him, mourning the wickedness of your actions but looking to Him for hope of a new life. And He will graciously and lovingly give you just that: a new life, a new heart.

To any woman who is reading this right now and has abortion in her past, that is also true for you. There is forgiveness, healing and hope in Jesus. All you have to do is seek Him. If you or anyone you know has had an abortion and needs hope, please visit this website, contact a pregnancy center near you, ask about post-abortive healing and get help.

My final comment in all of this is just a request to everyone who is as appalled by this article as I am: stop buying and reading Cosmopolitan magazine. The money you give to them is supporting things like this. Junk like this. I can't imagine that you want your hard-earned dollars to go toward a campaign of attempting to normalize and put into a positive light, something so heinous and tragic as abortion. So please, I beg you, stop buying it, stop reading it. Just stop.


  1. This is one of the best things you've ever written. I hope and pray that any read it, share it, and repent!

  2. I want the entire world to read this. You wrote an amazing response to something so inherently evil.

  3. I agree. With everything you said and with the comments above. Best thing I've read of yours.

  4. This is an awesome, well-written response. I remember hearing a snippet of this a couple of weeks ago, but it was right around the time that I was finishing up school so I didn't read it. Now, I don't even want to read it or anything else about it. I can't believe someone would film their own abortion and wear it as some sort of badge in life. That is so ridiculous and self-involved. Even if someone is considering abortion, I can't imagine what kind of person would not take it seriously, as what it is. Abortion ends a life. Period.