Monday, January 25, 2016

pregnant Christian momma chats

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A year ago I wrote this post about some of the big things I feel called to do. One of them was to write a book. And a year later, I'm finally in the process of actually doing that, well sorta. But as I started collecting all the thoughts and ideas I want to include in said book, I started to feel like I wanted to start something now that has the same purpose, but that would be a place of community for other Christian pregnant mothers.

As I write this I am 28 weeks pregnant. After getting through 17 weeks of gruesome morning sickness, the holidays, and of course continuing to raise my three crazy rascals, I'm finally in a place to start mentally preparing for the birth of this precious babe.

And I want to share what I'm doing in that process with other moms who are in the same place.

We focus so much on the physical preparation for labor and childbirth- see your doctor regularly, keep track of vitals, eat a good diet and also the mental preparation- read about childbirth, take a hospital tour, take a childbirth preparation class. But I feel like we often neglect the emotional and spiritual aspects of preparing for birth. And those are so very important.

And so I decided to host these pregnant Christian momma chats so we can take the time to address those very important things.

It's something I obviously care a lot about. In going through my archive I found post after post after post on the topic.

How can we view labor and childbirth in light of the gospel? And how do I need to prepare my heart and my mind so that I have the right perspective going into such an awesome, incredible, unique, but often frightening experience?

That's what I want to get to the heart of in these chats.

So, if you are a pregnant Christian momma, you are invited to join us. I'll be live on Periscope (you'll have to download the app on your phone) every Tuesday at 2:30pm PST. My handle is @jessibridges. If you miss it live (where you'll have the chance to ask questions and comment), you can watch up to 24 hours after with the Periscope app or you can always find archived talks on my YouTube page page.

The topics I want to specifically get into are pretty endless but include:

-how our current emotional state and issues we're facing will affect labor
-that pregnancy and labor is a call on our lives from the Lord
-that unconfessed sin can lead to fear and pain in labor because of a lack of peace from and trust in God
-pain with a purpose, not for nothing
-labor as a sacrifice of self for the sake of your child (not unlike motherhood itself!)
-my one piece of advice when preparing for labor (and really life in general): no expectations
-practical examples of how I prepare spiritually for labor, scripture to meditate over

And those are just a few things, but I also want to be able to chat about the things that are on your mind too. So please feel free to hop on with us and ask questions or email me with questions 

Lastly, I'm asking that if you know someone who could benefit from a community like this, please share this information with them.

Ultimately these chats are because I want to encourage you. As you prepare for your new baby, I want to encourage you to also prepare for the actual arrival of of your babe: intentionally prepare for your labor. This is not something to take lightly. It's not something that is just going to happen. Granted, it will happen. But will it happen on purpose? Will you be intentional about your labor?

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